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Custom Antibody Core

The Mission of the Penn State College of Medicine Custom Antibody Core is to generate high-quality, non-commercially-available monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies for specific applications (including basic and translational research).

The primary services include immunization of mice and rabbits to make mouse and rabbit monoclonal antibodies to select targets. Primary screening of hybridomas will be conducted using standard ELISA technology and positive lines will be preserved for cloning. Supernatants containing antibody selected as positive will be made available to investigators for secondary analyses in their labs (Westerns, immunofluorescence, functional assays). Investigator-selected lines will be cloned, isotyped, and adapted to serum-free culture for future production of high-titer antibody if the investigator requires large quantities of antibody. Standard purifications will be conducted as needed, and various modifications (fluorochrome, enzyme, biotin) are also provided as Antibody Core services.

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Instrumentation and Services

Production of monoclonal antibodies require standard Biosafety Cabinets and CO2 incubators only. The Custom Antibody Core has several units on site and can expand the mission to individual investigator labs that house their own CO2 incubators if required. No other specialized equipment is required.

Procedures, Protocols and Forms

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The core provides services for custom antibody production.

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Training is provided as necessary. Please contact the Core director for further information: Neil Christensen, PhD, at or 717-531-6185.

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All publications, press releases or other documents that result from the utilization of any Penn State College of Medicine Institutional Research Resources including funding, tools, services or support are required to credit the core facility and associated RRID, if available, for each core used. Use of any service provided by the Custom Antibody Core must include the following:

“The Custom Antibody Core (RRID:SCR_022799) services and instruments used in this project were funded, in part, by the Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine via the Office of the Vice Dean of Research and Graduate Students and the Pennsylvania Department of Health using Tobacco Settlement Funds (CURE). The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the University or College of Medicine. The Pennsylvania Department of Health specifically disclaims responsibility for any analyses, interpretations or conclusions.”

Working with the Custom Antibody Core

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