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The background image is Kevin Harter of Penn State Center for Medical Innovation addresses the panel consisting of Anthony P. Bihl, Andrea Lauber, Jacquelyn Fetrow and Nishit Trivedi at the 2016 Innovation Awards ceremony.

Welcome to Penn State’s Center for Medical Innovation

The Center for Medical Innovation is your gateway into the exciting entrepreneurial ecosystem within Penn State Health and College of Medicine.

The Center’s goal is to foster greater collaboration between academia and industry, engage our regional ecosystem and move medical innovations toward commercialization to positively impact economic development in our region and human health throughout the world.

The Center offers opportunities to connect with leading researchers and key innovators at Penn State through networking and forum events, access to technology available for licensing, and engagement with Penn State technology based startups looking for C-suite management. In addition, the Center can facilitate introductions to directors of Penn State College of Medicine core facilities and Penn State Health clinical trials teams.

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Penn State research is aimed at the pursuit of human health, environmental quality and economic prosperity for current and future generations. Discover some of the most recent success stories that have emerged from Penn State Health and College of Medicine.

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The background image is A stylized image of the DNA double helix is shown, with lighter versions of the same visible in the background.

Connect with Innovation

Discuss the latest industry innovations, business trends and recent health care discoveries by attending our engaging, public networking events, where you can connect with members of our team, the University, entrepreneurs, investors, economic development organizations, government agencies and local community members. If you’re interested in establishing a long-term collaborative partnership, this is a great place to start.

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Anchored by annual research expenditures exceeding $800 million, Penn State has been building a robust repository of groundbreaking innovations across an array of disciplines. We can conduct a specialized search or provide recommendations based on your business goals and objectives.

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Share your knowledge and expertise by providing insight and guidance to our emerging innovators, either by joining a research team or by speaking at one of our training or educational programs. Our inventors can greatly benefit from your personal experiences with product commercialization, successes and failures with leading entrepreneurial initiatives, and by connecting with members of your business network.

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Many of the innovative Penn State medical technologies serve as the perfect foundation for the creation of a new startup company. These Penn State startups are often looking for C-suite business management to lead their discoveries or inventions through the commercialization process to ultimately reach the marketplace or yield a successful exit. Or, you may choose to form your own startup company based off of one of Penn State’s technologies available for licensing.

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Explore Penn State technology-based start-ups that have entrepreneurial scientists coupled with experienced management teams who are actively seeking funding at various stages, from seed capital to Series B.

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Penn State is committed to advancing research from our partners through supporting industry-sponsored clinical trials. Take advantage of our vast patient population.

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Penn State College of Medicine offers state-of-the-art shared-service core research facilities and services, including specialized instrumentation and analytical services for executing basic, clinical and translational research initiatives. Core facility services include flow cytometry and cell sorting, genomic analysis, imaging, informatics and data analysis, mass spectrometry and proteomics, pathology and specimen processing, pharmacology, transgenics and other animal services, and a stocked on-site supply center.

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Latest News from the Center for Medical Innovation

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The background image is Sonia Vaida, MD, Professor of Anesthesiology, Obstetrics and Gynecology at Penn State College of Medicine is shown with two colleagues at the Innovation Café on March 16, 2017, at Penn State Harrisburg. The topic of the event was discovering the innovations and the healing effects of music.

Ready to help shape the future of human health? Contact the Penn State College of Medicine Center for Medical Innovation today to learn more about partnership opportunities.

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