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The background image is Conceptual illustration of the coronavirus as if it were observed from a microscope.

Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The core facilities of Penn State College of Medicine are committed to keeping investigators informed about their use during the COVID-19 research slowdown.

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The background image is Four microscopy images from the Microscopy Imaging Core at Penn State College of Medicine are seen in a horizontal collage.

Supporting research through high-quality shared facilities and services

Penn State College of Medicine has shared-service core research facilities that provide specialized instrumentation and analytical services for the conduct of basic, clinical and translational research.

Facilities are available to both Penn State faculty and outside users.

Fees for service are recalculated each year to cover maintenance, consumables and salary costs, and are available from individual programs or resources upon request.

Use the menu below to find information about specific facilities and services at the College of Medicine.

The background image is A stylized image of the DNA double helix is shown, with lighter versions of the same visible in the background.

Latest News from Core Facilities

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