Corporate and Foundation Relations

The Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) team bridges the organizational and academic medical worlds by creating system-wide partnerships.

This team manages the relationships between Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine and foundations and corporations. Its goal is to work collaboratively with corporate and foundation partners in research, education, patient care and community outreach.

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Working with Corporate and Foundation Relations

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Working with Foundations and CFR

Corporate and Foundation Relations (CFR) in the Office of University Development strives to establish and maintain partnerships with corporate and foundation funders through effective cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.

These efforts complement the work of Research Development, the Office of Research Affairs (ORA), the Center for Medical Innovation and the Office of Industrial Partnerships.

Investigators interested in submitting a proposal to a corporation, foundation or organization (non-governmental funder) should contact CFR first.

CFR will be able to provide up-to-date information that could affect strategy and timing as well as provide additional information based on foundation relationships. This can affect the success of the proposal.

In addition, some external funding sources accept only a limited number of submissions from each institution, and there are a number of foundations with specific protocols in place.

News and Funding Opportunities

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The Corporate and Foundation Relations team helps foundations navigate the institution, find faculty and programs of interest, and arrange for campus meetings, tours and convenings. The team matches Penn State Health and College of Medicine strengths and priorities with foundations’ interests in the areas of research, academic programs, patient care and community outreach.

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Together with business and industry partners, Penn State Health and Penn State College of Medicine can help companies connect with the remarkable talent and resources Penn State has to offer, in order to tackle the world’s most pressing problems – and solve them.

Penn State’s highly engaged network includes nearly 100,000 undergraduate, graduate and professional students; 27,000 faculty and staff; and 700,000 Penn State alumni.

Branding, Employee Engagement and Workplace Giving

Corporate and Foundation Relations will design a customized philanthropic program to engage each company’s workforce and launch integrated, meaningful platforms that tell stories, meet marketing goals and inspire hope for patients and their families.

Companies working with Corporate and Foundation Relations can:

  • Amplify their brand on Penn State campuses and everywhere.
  • Engage employees through workplace giving and volunteer and mentor opportunities.
  • Join thousands of supporters who are raising money to improve health for all – by riding, running, walking, golfing and more with their coworkers, family and friends
  • Champion children’s health through event sponsorships including Children’s Miracle Network, THON and Four Diamonds.
  • Customize cause marketing campaigns around areas of interest, including social media and broadcast sponsorships.
  • Host a corporate alumni network event.
  • Explore naming and recognition opportunities.

Tap Talent and Expertise

Working with CFR, companies can increase corporate visibility to expand available human resource potential. Whether a company needs an intern, an employee or a faculty collaborator, CFR can help connect to talent.

  • Connect with students through recruiting events and student organization activities, in-class lectures, facilitation of case studies and advisory boards across the University campuses and health system.
  • Engage faculty whose diverse experience in consulting and collaborating with industry helps to move innovations down the path of technology commercialization and into the lives of patients around the world.
  • Enhance career and professional development.
  • Partner on K-12 outreach efforts to inspire young minds and kick-start bright futures.

Research, Innovation and Philanthropy

Corporate and Foundation Relations invites companies to power research and partner with faculty to give companies an edge while improving health and the economic competitiveness of Pennsylvania and beyond.

  • Develop joint research projects.
  • Leverage faculty expertise.
  • Give and grow Penn State’s strengths through philanthropy and charitable grants.
  • Sponsor research – discover cutting-edge solutions to today’s problems.
  • Access specialized services including the Center for Medical Innovation and Office of Corporate Engagement.
  • License or commercialize technology.
  • Co-locate on various campuses in Penn State’s University-wide system.

Get Started: Strategic Engagement

  • As many companies have multiple interests, CFR partners with the President’s office, Office of the Vice President for Research, Provost’s office, Office of Research Affairs, Center for Medical Innovation, Career Services and the Office of Industrial Partnerships to provide coordinated industry relationships.
  • CFR will work together with leadership and key stakeholders to structure mutually beneficial partnerships that involve sponsored research and philanthropy, and maximize opportunities for research collaboration, student engagement, accessing top talent and employee and executive education.
  • Overall, Corporate and Foundation Relation will help meet each company’s strategic goals or imperatives; facilitate worthwhile and effective interactions between campus leaders and company representatives; and communicate attainment of shared goals and return on philanthropic investment.
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Corporate and Foundation Relations is conveniently located 15 minutes from Harrisburg International Airport (MDT), on the campus of Penn State Health/Penn State College of Medicine in Hershey, Pa.