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The background image is Conceptual illustration of the coronavirus as if it were observed from a microscope.

Information for researchers and research support personnel

Penn State College of Medicine’s research enterprise is committed to the health and safety of its faculty, staff and learners. The following guidance is designed for College of Medicine employees engaged in the research mission, either working on site in Hershey or remotely.

Working on campus
  • Follow all general safety guidance
  • Post occupancy of any room or lab in use, and post a schedule each week on the door or exterior bulletin board.
  • Return-to-work authorization For the College of Medicine to fully participate in the University’s COVID-19 surveillance testing program, any on-campus employee and their supervisor should complete the University Return to Work Authorization Form. Employees should check with their department administrator to see if this form has already been submitted on their behalf. Full participation in this program, along with contact tracing, will greatly mitigate the risk of infection and help provide a safe working environment at the College of Medicine.
  • Be familiar with safe rampdown plan should it need to be implemented
With questions, contact:
Dr. Chuck Lang,

Clinical research
With questions, contact:
Terry Novchich/Clinical Trials Office,

Animal care and use
With questions, contact:
Dr. Ron Wilson,

Funding opportunities
With questions, contact:
Jennifer Schaefer, ResearchConcierge@

Core facilities
With questions, contact:
Dr. Bruce Stanley,