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STAR Ancillary Review Process

This guide has been developed to help users complete an Ancillary Review within STAR (Study Tracking and Analysis for Research).

A printable PDF version of the guide is available in Sharepoint (Penn State Access ID login required).

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Step-by-Step Guide to Ancillary Review

Notification Email Expand answer

You will receive an email from STAR indicating that a new study is ready for your review. Click the hyperlink in the email to take you to the Study Workspace.

A screenshot of an email indicating that a study is ready for ancillary review in the STAR system.

An example email shows the message received when a study is ready for ancillary review in STAR.

Go to the Study to Review Expand answer

First, click the “View Study” button.

Next, “Jump To” the specific ancillary form. Confirm you are assigned to review.

A screenshot of the STAR management screen includes quick links at right.

Within the STAR system, use the links at right to jump to the specific ancillary form.

Complete the Review Expand answer

After confirming you are assigned to review the study, click the “Documents” tab to view documents in STAR.

Click “Ancillary Review Complete” under Next Steps when done.

A screenshot from the STAR system shows the Study Workspace section at left, the Documents tab toward the middle of the page, and the Ancillary Review Complete button under Next Steps.

Users will click “View Study” after logging in, and can view the documents for the particular study being reviewed using the Documents tab at right in the center of the study workspace. When finished, users click the “Ancillary Review Complete” button found under Next Steps.