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Sidero Bioscience


  • Iron Deficiency – Medical Food

Principal Investigator(s) and Department

Clinical Problem

  • Iron deficiency is the most common and widespread nutritional disorder worldwide, affecting up to 2 billion people.
  • Symptoms include extreme fatigue, weakness, chest pain, headaches, motor and/or cognitive development in children.
  • A review and meta-analysis of forty-three clinical trials, comprising 6,831 iron deficient subjects, found intolerance to oral iron supplements due to GI distress in up to 50 percent of patients.


  • Patented Medical Food technology platform, Siderosorb, delivers therapeutic proteins/complexes directly to the GI tract.
  • BioFe is the first medical food product, utilizing Baker’s yeast to express the human H-Ferritin gene, FTH1, allowing direct delivery to the bloodstream from the intestine in the non-toxic Fe+3 state.