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Funding Sources

To connect researchers with funding opportunities, Research Development monitors a wide variety of listservs that are sponsored by state agencies, federal agencies and non-governmental funding sponsors. Forecasted and recently released funding opportunities are compiled in a Weekly Funding Opportunities Newsletter that is distributed broadly to faculty and research support staff.

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Tools for Self-Directed Funding Searches

Several funding search engines are available to help you identify both internal and external funding opportunities. Please contact Research Development if you have questions about any of these tools.

Request a Funding Search

Do you need additional help with your funding search? Faculty members can request a funding search from Research Development. Research Development can be most helpful if the faculty member provides a project summary along with some specifics about the anticipated project timeline and funding needs. To request a funding search – or for questions – please email Research Development at

Limited Submissions

At Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center, Research Development is responsible for identifying the grant applications that may be submitted to research sponsors who limit the number of applications they will consider from an institution.

Investigators who would like to apply to a “Limited Submission” grant program should notify Research Development of their interest as soon as possible by emailing

It is important that the institution comply with a funding sponsor’s limited submission requirements, as some sponsors will refuse to consider any applications if more than the allowed number are submitted. Please see Penn State policy for additional information.