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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Innovation

Get answers to some of your questions about the process of commercialization.

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Medical Innovation FAQs

What is intellectual property? Expand answer

Intellectual property (IP) is creations of the human mind. Examples include inventions, literary and artistic works, symbols, names, images, logos, designs, collections, etc.

Why protect, manage, develop and commercialize intellectual property? Expand answer
  • If you are federally funded, it is required by law. (Bayh-Dole Act of 1980)
  • Benefit society through enhancing health by bringing new therapies, devices, diagnostics and services to market.
  • Promote economic development; create new businesses and jobs in our region.
  • Attract development funding.
  • IP protection can open new scientific advances and promote progress.
How is intellectual property protected? Expand answer

Intellectual property can be protected in a variety of ways, including patents, trademarks, service marks, copyrights and trade secrets. Before making a public disclosure, working with a technology licensing officer is critical to protect rights to intellectual property.

When should I contact the Center for Medical Innovation? Expand answer

Contact the Center when you are:

  • Seeking education on the commercialization pathway for medical innovations
  • Looking to be connected to other entrepreneurs within the capital region
  • Needing assistance to direct research/discovery/idea to a commercial application
  • Desiring to engage industry
  • Developing a new idea or investigating a new discovery
  • Seeking funding to develop your technology for commercial applications
  • Facing questions regarding business development, regulatory pathway, and/or reimbursement considerations
What can I expect when I contact the Center for Medical Innovation? Expand answer

You will find a team that wants to partner with you and help move your innovation forward, whether you are looking to learn more about commercialization, are in the ideation phase, have a discovery or are already having conversations with an industry partner. The first step is to have an in-person meeting to determine what services are needed.

How do I contact the Center for Medical Innovation? Expand answer