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Radiology: Division of Radiology Innovation and Value Enhancement (DRIVE)

Applied health services, health economics and health policy work is the mission of the Division of Radiology Innovation and Value Enhancement (DRIVE) since 2016. Under the leadership of Michael Moore, MD, and Nabeel Sarwani, MD, DRIVE works with clinical, technology and administration partners throughout the enterprise, and identifies innovative transformations in care management and payment arrangements through which the value of imaging to patient outcomes, clinician care pathways, and payors can be clearly identified, quantified, and explicated.

DRIVE comprises three database analysts, a pre-award staffer and an IRB team and uses internal and external data and state-of-the-science research methods to plan, simulate and develop the interventions in patient care pathways and payment arrangements that are necessary for the enterprise to create, deliver and capture the value that accrues to patients and their caregivers from the use of imaging in the enterprise.

Finally, DRIVE works with clinicians, external payors and partners in the broader enterprise to roll out these changes, demonstrate, publish and communicate the resulting improvements in value to clinicians, patients, regulators and payors and contribute to strengthening the enterprise as a learning organization.