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Penn State Health Clinical Nutrition is focused on educating people on healthy lifestyles, helping them manage chronic illness, and minimizing the impact of nutrition factors that might prolong a hospital stay. We also conduct nutrition research and educate the next generation of health professionals.

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Areas of interest in nutrition research have included:

  • Resting metabolic rate in critical- and acute-care patients and hemodialysis patients (equation development and validation)
  • Validation of Quark RMR indirect calorimeter
  • Correlation of a dead space ventilation equation with clinical outcomes in critical care
  • Follow-up validation of a hand-held calorimeter (simultaneous measurements)
  • Spontaneous breathing during airway pressure release ventilation
  • Role of nutrition and other factors of the Braden score to predict pressure ulcer risk

David Frankenfield, MS, RD, is Manager of Clinical Nutrition.

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To speak to someone about nutrition research, please email David Frankenfield at