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Comprehensive Health Studies Program

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Primary Objective

Execute goal one of the Penn State College of Medicine strategic plan (2020-2025):

Goal 1: Become a recognized leader in translational sciences through unlocking the complex interactions of genetics, biological processes, socio-economics and life circumstances to improve understanding of human health and mechanisms of disease.

This goal will be accomplished by:

  • identifying topic areas of focus based on existing research strengths in comprehensive health that align with external funding opportunities
  • attracting interdisciplinary teams of scientists and clinicians to solve some of the most complex problems in medicine
  • providing support to interdisciplinary teams conducting cross-cutting research in Penn State College of Medicine focus areas through CHS funding programs (e.g., grant funding, voucher program)
  • developing operational structures, research mechanisms, and collaborations necessary to investigate pathways of diseases that have the greatest burden on health, quality of life, and society
  • supporting development of learning communities focused on integrating internal data and external evidence to achieve higher quality healthcare systems (Learning Health System)
  • building educational programs necessary to achieve the CHS goals

We will work in continuous collaboration with the other Penn State College of Medicine Strategic Plan goals—biomedical artificial intelligence, health systems science, and enhancing our culture of excellent—to achieve the Penn State College of Medicine vision to of being a world leader in the transformation of health care and in the enhancement of health for people everywhere.