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Addiction Center for Translation Missions

The goal of the Addiction Center for Translation is to develop and implement cutting-edge research to inform an evidence-based approach to prevent and treat substance-use disorder and addiction.

Within that goal, the center strives to make a difference in four mission areas.

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The Addiction Center for Translation seeks to educate researchers, students, clinicians, health care providers and community partners about substance use, abuse and disorder and addiction overall through:

  • Medical education
  • Addiction medicine fellowship
  • Nurse/clinician education

Clinical Care

Facilitating compassionate and effective treatment of a patient population suffering from substance use and abuse disorder is a key focus of the Addiction Center for Translation. It seeks to provide care in the following ways:

  • Prevention of use
  • Prevention of transition from use to abuse
  • Universal screening and warm handoff
  • Hot handoff (medical-assisted treatment)


The Addiction Center for Translation strives to promote translational research on the chronic disease of addiction. It aims to do so by:

  • Facilitating translational research via Addiction Symposium
  • Facilitating translational research via pilots and startups
  • Garnering support via:
    • Non-formula CURE grants
    • UG3/UH3
    • NIH grants
    • Center (P50) grants
    • Program project grants (PPGs)
    • Training (T32) grants


The Addiction Center for Translation strives to serve as a resource for the community and a partner with state and federal public health agencies by helping to provide:

  • Community education (school-based, Mini Medical School)
  • Support groups
  • Resource events