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Structural Variants in Leukemia Patients’ Samples: Download Bionano files

Application of an Integrated Framework for Genome Analysis Reveals Numerous Previously Unrecognizable Structural Variants in Leukemia Patients’ Samples is available in preprint.

Authors on the paper are Jie Xu, Fan Song, Emily Schleicher, Christopher Pool, Darrin Bann, Max Hennessy, Kathryn Sheldon, Emma Batchelder, Charyguly Annageldiyev, Arati Sharma, Yuanyuan Chang, Alex Hastie, Barbara Miller, David Goldenberg, Shin Mineishi, David Claxton, George-Lucian Moldovan, Feng Yue and James R. Broach.

Bionano bnx files for all the samples are available for download here, or by emailing James Broach at