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Specific Aims

The specific aims for Goal 2 of Penn State College of Medicine’s Strategic Plan include the following.

  1. Promote the synergy between data driven research and hypothesis driven research.
    Data driven discovery with arrows between it and Clinical translation and Mechanistic study, with images used for decorative purposes
  2. Democratize AI and informatics research.
  3. Build bioinformatics/AI infrastructures.
    Diagram with users on left, right arrow to Amazon Cloudfront for fast web access; arrow with Upload to Amazon S3; arrow with Trigger to AWS Lambda; arrow with Start computation; arrow to Scalable Amazon Elastic Container Service for AI models, then returning results to users.
    Cylindrical container labeled Local date repository next to a picture of a Penn State data center building

Contact information

For collaborations or consultations, please contact Dr. Dajiang Liu ( or Dr. Xingyan Wang (