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CITI Course Instructions

Penn State College of Medicine and Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center required courses for human research protection are available online via the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) website at The courses are free for individuals who affiliate with the College of Medicine in Hershey by choosing “Pennsylvania State University – Hershey” from the CITI list of institutions.

If you have any questions, please contact the Human Subjects Protection Office.

See printable registration instructions here.

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How to Complete CITI Training

CITI Access and Registration Expand answer

Penn State Access ID login: Go to and choose the “Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine” path to access the Pennsylvania State University – Hershey courses. If you have other CITI accounts, you can have them merged with your Penn State account for convenience.

If you have no PSU ID: Go to Select “Register” and choose “Pennsylvania State University – Hershey.” Or, if you are already registered, log in and follow the “Affiliation Steps” below.

IRB Training Expand answer

Course Enrollment

Select “Add a Course” under My Learner Tools to enroll or add a course at any time.

Select the Human Subjects Research (HSR) learner group to automatically load the Protection of Human Research Subjects course, which is required for all research involving human subjects. This group also includes a list of optional courses available.

Also add one of the following – Good Clinical Practice and ICH (GCP), for clinical trials with investigational drugs and devices, or Good Clinical Practice and ICH (GCP) Social and Behavioral Research.

Course Completion

On your CITI main menu, select a course title to open it, and complete the modules. For the HSR course, you must also choose one module from the electives available.

The HSR and GCP courses take two to four hours to complete. PSU will be notified automatically of completed courses within 24 business hours.

Course certificates are valid for 3 years, at which time a refresher course is required.

Renewal Reminders

If you would like to receive the CITI 90-day expiration notices, keep the course listed on your menu by re-selecting it every time you “Add a Course.”

My Learner Tools on the Main Menu

  • Add a Course – When adding courses, also reselect to stay in your HSR (and GCP) learner group.
  • View Previously Completed Coursework – Here you can select to “View” the completed modules for your current course, and also access all of the electives and other optional modules available.
Affiliating CITI Coursework from Another Institution Expand answer

If you took a CITI course while you were affiliated with another institution, complete these steps before your coursework expires in order to affiliate with Pennsylvania State University – Hershey.

Log in

Go to and log in with your existing credentials. Contact CITI Support at 888-529-5929 or for assistance, if needed.

Affiliation choice

On the CITI main menu, select “Click here to affiliate with another institution,” type “Pennsylvania” in the search field and choose “Pennsylvania State University – Hershey” from the list.

Affiliation enrollment

  • If needed, update your CITI account profile details.
  • On the main menu, under the “Learner Tools” section, select the “Add a Course” link.
  • Select the Human Subjects Research (HSR) learner group to enroll in the basic Protection of Human Research Subjects course. Select the initial IRB training requirement for your first Hershey enrollment of each course.
  • Any current modules you have completed will be incorporated if applicable.
  • Also, if applicable, select the Good Clinical Practice and ICH (GCP) course, which is required if you will be involved in non-exempt research.

Final steps

These steps are required to complete the affiliation process. Go to the main menu, open each course and complete the following steps:

  • Complete the integrity statement, if needed.
  • Finish any outstanding modules, which will be identified and linkable to open.
  • View the Pennsylvania State University module.
  • Complete an elective module, if required. (One of your existing modules may apply.)

Once you meet the Hershey requirements, a completion date will post, valid for 3 years. See Renewal Reminders and My Learner Tools above for important details.

Single sign-on convenience

If you receive a Penn State Access ID at some point and would like to use it for convenient access to CITI courses, contact CITI Support at and ask to have your accounts merged into a Penn State single-sign-on account. Then go to and follow the “Hershey Medical Center and College of Medicine” path to access the “Pennsylvania State University – Hershey” courses.