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Exceptional Collaborators

The Office of the Vice Dean for Research and Graduate Studies at Penn State College of Medicine wants to collect stories about those colleagues who are excellent collaborators.

Whether they were co-authors, mentors, data analysts, equipment or service providers or assisted in another way, the Office wants to recognize those collaborators whose support makes a difference.

As stories are received, the Office plans to forward them to the named individual. The submitter’s identity will not be disclosed unless permission is specifically granted to do so.

Stories about these collaborators may also appear on various College of Medicine websites and email newsletters.

The Office also wants to ensure faculty can find and use existing resources to discover potential collaborators and resources; a guide to some of those tools is also included here.

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Finding and Recognizing Collaborators

Recognize an Outstanding Collaborator Expand answer

Tell Us About An Exceptional Collaborator

About Your Exceptional Collaborator

Your Information (Optional)
You have the option to identify yourself or remain anonymous. If you choose to identify yourself to the Office of the Vice Dean for Research, you may still choose not to identify yourself when we pass your story along to your collaborator. If you choose to identify yourself, please provide the following information.

Find a Collaborator or Resource Expand answer

The following resources may help faculty and staff identify appropriate collaborators and research resources.

  • Pure – The University’s research networking tool allows searchers to find relevant investigators and equipment by topic, department and more.
  • Departments, divisions, institutes and centers – The directory of College of Medicine departments, divisions, institutes and centers includes links to learn more about their interests and specialties.
  • Core facilities – This overview of the College’s core facilities includes links to learn more about specific instrumentation and services.
  • Research calendar – This list of upcoming events in research provides opportunities to learn from and connect with various speakers and programs.